Information Technology


The mission of the Information Technology Department is to facilitate reliable, timely and easy access to information for the employees and residents of the Village of Carpentersville. 


Through our commitment to provide quality service and support, this department will strive to exceed the expectations of employees and residents by:

  • Offering innovative solutions which enable departments to better accomplish their goals in providing quality services to our citizens
  • Providing technical assistance and advice to the Village Manager and Department Heads on all Information Technology concerns
  • Operating and maintaining a fiscally sound and reliable communications infrastructure while providing an exceedingly high level of service and support
  • Facilitating interdepartmental involvement in Information Technology decisions
  • Providing Village employees with the best available, most cost-effective technology and procedures relating to the field of Information Technology
  • Providing current information and upcoming events to the residents through the website and newsletter
  • Continuously research new technologies in order to keep improving Information Technology Systems and Processes