Social Services

We all have experienced difficult times throughout typical   transitions in life– when children are born, raising teenagers or taking care of elderly parents. We also experience crisis that aren't always as predictable– loss of a loved one, violence in relationships or being a victim of a crime.

During these periods, the fears and emotional strains which may appear can often be more upsetting than the incidents themselves. It is at these moments that a social worker may be of assistance.

Referrals are made by police officers, fire fighters or community development personnel who have contacts with individuals or families experiencing social, psychological and/or behavioral problems. Schools, hospitals or community agencies who encounter individuals with problems of a high risk nature may also at times make referrals to the Carpentersville Police Department social worker.

  1. Meg Krase

    Police Social Worker, LSW
    Phone: 847-551-3481

Meg is a Licensed Social Worker in the State of Illinois. She started with the Carpentersville Police Department at the end of 2019. Meg comes to the Village with previous experience working with victims in the criminal court system, childhood trauma victims, and with abuse to seniors and persons with disabilities. Meg también puede ayudarle en español.

Available Services

Crisis Intervention
The social worker is available to assist in a variety of crisis situations that may occur within the Village of Carpentersville. The social worker is available to provide support, assessment, education, recommendations and referrals. Additionally, referrals are provided for short and longer term counseling.

Court Advocacy
The social worker is a trained advocate able to assist victims of domestic violence by providing  information about the Illinois Domestic Violence Act, orders of protection, courts and the police process.

General Domestic Violence
In general, the social worker is here to offer intervention. She provides education on domestic violence and the legal system, referrals for shelter, shelter or alternative safe place to victims of domestic violence, and referrals for short and long term counseling.

Victims of Crime Advocacy Services
The social worker is available to all victims of crime for immediate support services, information, education and orientation of the court system, and referrals to appropriate agencies for short or long term counseling services. 

Family Matters Program

Empowering Information, Encouraging Communication

Providing an opportunity for all Carpentersville families to participate in relevant, up to date  classes on pressing topics. Through these topics, families will learn more about the subject and open communication within the family. 

Spacing is limited, contact Meg Krase at or (847)551-3481 to reserve your seat