Ambulance Fees

The ambulances that serve the Carpentersville residents and visitors are funded in part by service fees. These fees are charges to anyone who uses an ambulance and is transported to the nearest hospital. 

Billing with Insurance

If you have insurance please contact our ambulance billing office at 800-244-2345 and provide your insurance information. Billing your insurance directly will speed up the process of the claim.

Billing without Insurance

If you do not have insurance, please pay your bill promptly or call the ambulance billing office to make payment arrangements. It is important that these fees are paid in a timely manner.

Service Fees

The ambulance service fees are:

  • Mileage: $16.00 per mile
  • Advanced Life Support I and II: $3,891.21 plus mileage
  • Basic Life Support: $3,254.68 plus mileage