Grants Received







Maple Avenue ReconstructionSTP KK Council of MayorsSeptember-05$356,500
Golfview Hazard Monroe ReconstructionSTPKK Council of MayorsJanuary-06$1,659,000
Golfview Highlands Unit 8 ReconstructionCDBGKane CountyMarch-06$235,000
Maple Avenue ReconstructionTARPIDOTJanuary-07$123,600
IL 31/ Huntley-Main Intersection Improvements CMAQCMAPJuly-07$3,324,800
Washington Street ResurfacingLAPPKK Council of MayorsJune-08$120,000
2007 Street Program Street LightingDCEOState December-08$40,000
2010 Area Reconstruction Project CDBGKane CountyMarch-09$149,952
Golfview Hazard Monroe ReconstructionCDBGKane CountyMarch-09$263,478
Washington Street ResurfacingARRAKK Council of MayorsMarch-09$160,000
Maple Avenue ReconstructionARRAKK Council of MayorsMarch-09$273,518
2010 Resurfacing Program Various StreetsERPIDOTSeptember-09$300,000
Helm Road Roadway and Drainage ImprovementsERPIDOTSeptember-09$280,000
Jack Hill Park Pedestrian PathRiverboat FundKane CountySeptember-09$20,000
Maple Avenue Bike path and Roadway Lighting ProjectITEPIDOTDecember-09$374,770
Golfview Hazard Monroe ReconstructionSTPKK Council of MayorsMarch-10$831,800
2010 MFT / CDBG ResurfacingCDBGKane CountyJuly-10$181,000
Golfview Hazard Monroe ReconstructionIDOT  IDOTJuly-10$180,201
2011 MFT / CDBG ResurfacingCDBGKane CountyMay-11$158,859
Carpenter Park North Parking Lot ExpansionCDBGKane CountyMay-11$109,389
2012 Tulsa Avenue / Kings Road ResurfacingLAFOKK Council of MayorsJune-11$413,094
Canoe / Emergency Rescue Boat LaunchRiverboat FundKane CountyJuly-11$19,700
Road Repairs (For 2012 In-house Resurfacing Program)IL DCEOState November-11$50,000
IL 31/ Huntley-Main Intersection Improvements TARPIDOTJanuary-12$74,150
2012 Tulsa Avenue / Kings Road Resurfacing (Additional Funding))LAFOKK Council of MayorsJanuary-13$60,182
2012 MFT / CDBG Sidewalk and ResurfaceCDBGKane CountyJanuary-13$242,043
2012 MFT / CDBG ResurfacingCDBGKane CountyMay-13$148,035
Old Town Bicycle Path ImprovementsRiverboat FundKane CountyMay-13$74,646
Roadway, Utility ImprovementsIL DCEOState of IllinoisJune-13$190,000
2013 MFT / CDBG Sidewalk and ResurfaceCDBGKane CountyOctober-13$141,130
Carpenter Creek Flood Plain ImprovementsIEPA 319StateFebruary-14$628,215
Sleepy Hollow Road ResurfacingLAFOKKCOMFebruary-14$278,666
IL 31/ Huntley-Main Intersection Improvements STPKKCOMFebruary-14$2,150,000
Abandoned Housing Demolition IHDA - APPIHDA - StateApril-14$75,000
Huntley Road - Tartans to ElmSTPKKCOMFebruary-14$2,500,000
2014 MFT / CDBG Sidewalk and Resurface (Tee and Tee)CDBGKane CountyFebruary-14$276,509
2015 CDBG Sidewalk and Resurface ( Sioux, Greenwood, Caddy and Wren)CDBGKane CountyMay-16$190,000
Bolz Road Roadway Reconstruction STPKK Council of MayorsJanuary-16$1,312,500
2017 CDBG Sidewalk and Resurface ( Ball and Frontage Road)CDBGKane CountyJanuary-16$240,000
Carpenter Park Path ImprovementsRiverboat FundKane CountyMay-16$10,857
2018 CDBG Sidewalk and Resurface (Wakefield)CDBGKane CountyJanuary-17$223,249
Keith Andres Memorial Park Stream Restoration IEPA 319IllinoisDecember-18$649,507
2019 CDBG Sidewalk and Resurface (Navajo)CDBGKane CountySeptember-19$261,336
IL 31/ Huntley-Main Intersection Improvements Additional fundingCMAQCMAPNovember-18$500,000
2020 CDBG Sidewalk and Resurface (Caddy & Fairway)CDBG Kane CountyApril-21$282,254
North Lincolnwood Manor Roadway Improvement ProjectRebuild Illinois Bond GrantIllinoisMay-21$2,523,527
2021 CDBG Roadway Improvement Project (Harrison and Harding Streets)CDBGKane CountyMarch-21$232,000
 LED Street Light Upgrade Energy Efficiency ProgramComEdJune-21$228,750
Lake Marian Road Resurfacing ProjectIL DCEOIllinoisJanuary-22$455,000
2022 CDBG Roadway Improvement Project (Hampton Drive)CDBGKane CountyFebruary-22$161,755
2025 LW Besinger Road Reconstruction Project
KK Council of MayorsJanuary-21$1,822,000
2023 CDBG Roadway Improvement Project (Cherokee Circle)
Kane CountyFebruary - 23$278,291
2023 CDBG Resurface Project (Various Streets)CDBGKane CountyMay - 23$300,000
Lead Water Service Replacement Program IEPAIllinoisJune - 23$4,000,000