Business License Process

Business licenses are required for any business conducting, engaging in, maintaining, or operating a business or business activity within the Village, including home-based businesses. An application may be picked up at Village Hall at the Community Development counter (upstairs in Room 206)  or you can download it from this site.

  • Please read the below steps to understand the process.
  • Find out more about specific types of licenses (example: business, liquor, videogaming, mobile food vendor/food truck, etc.). 
  • Our business licenses are valid for the calendar year, January 1, 20XX - December 31, 20XX. Renewal notices go out in the beginning of December for the upcoming year.

STEPS IN THE PROCESS (Non-Residential Use)

Examples: Commercial, Retail, or Industrial Businesses.

Explanation of the overall development process, including the site review process and the building permit process - OVERVIEW DOCUMENT (PDF) 

  1.  Submit a Certificate of Occupancy Application (PDF) with Community Development (existing structure) or a Building Permit Application (new construction). 
  2.  Submit a General Business License and Registration Application (PDF) to the Community Development Coordinator at
  3.  If applicable, submit a Liquor License Application (PDF) which will be reviewed by Community Development, and then submitted to the Liquor Commissioner and Village Board. Any new liquor license will need to be approved by the Village Board at a future Village Board meeting. Please review our Municipal Code regarding liquor license applications and classifications.      
  4. If applicable, submit a Video Gaming Application (PDF) to the Community Development Coordinator.
  5.  Continue working with Community Development regarding plans, permits, inspections, and fees to be paid in order to obtain Certificate of Occupancy.
  6. Once you have received your Certificate of Occupancy, you can pay for your business (liquor, and gaming) license(s). The Community Development Coordinator will send you an invoice with the applicable fees. In order for your business to be open to the public, you must first receive your business license.
  7. Once the licensing fees are paid, the Community Development Coordinator will issue your license(s).