Main Water Shut-Off Valve

The shut-off valve is your best protection against costly water damage if and when pipes burst or major leaks occur. 


Normally the shut off valve is located near the water meter in the utility room, basement, and crawl space or where the service line enters the house or business. Although this location may vary depending upon when your home or business was built. Make sure everyone in your household or business knows exactly where the shut-off valve is how it operates and that it functions properly. Any plumbing problem can result in severe water damage in a short period of time. At times like this the shut-off valve is invaluable. 

The property owner is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the valves and keeping the water meter accessible and warm.

Fixture Shutoff Valves

Most houses also have fixture shutoff valves at the toilet and at each sink. These valves allow you shut off the water supply to one fixture without halting water service to other fixtures. 

The water shutoff valves to the kitchen sink are inside the cabinets beneath the sink; the bath lavatory valves are usually concealed in the vanity cabinet beneath the lavatory. 

For the toilet, the water shutoff valve may be on either side, or beneath the water closet or tank.