Replace a Tree

Funds from the Village's Tree Replacement Cost Sharing Program can be utilized until the funding source is exhausted; however, property owners may plant approved trees in the parkway at an owner's expense as well. The program is offered on a first-come, first serve basis. Per the approved EAB Policy, property owners will be reimbursed at a rate of $100 per tree. Should property owners take advantage of this voluntary tree replacement cost sharing program, the property owner will need to take the following steps:

Step Number 1

Contact the Village's Public Works Department (PWD) at 847-836-2464 for a brief overview of the cost sharing program and to review the following steps.

Step Number 2

Stake-out the exact location where you would like the tree(s) to be planted with a flag or wooden stake and contact Julie at 800-892-0123. This step will ensure that all of the underground utilities within the parkway are located and will not interfere in the planting of the tree(s). If requested by the property owner, the Village will provide the property owner with assistance in staking out the tree(s). However, the property owner must be present during this visit. Once this step is completed, please contact the PWD. Staff members will verify that the tree(s) is located in an acceptable location - compliant with all Village policies. In an effort to maintain proper spacing, all efforts should be taken to plant trees within the area where the original tree(s) was removed from.

Step Number 3

Choose a tree from the from the  Village's Permitted Tree Species List (PDF) (Ordinance 16.80.080). Note: Any tree(s) planted within the right-of-way is required to be at least 2.5-inches in diameter measured at six-inches above grade level. See EAB Policy (PDF) for further information regarding cost sharing requirements.

Step Number 4

Once you have chosen an approved tree, complete the  Village's Right-of-Way Tree Planting Application (PDF) permit and submit the to the Village. There is no charge for this permit. The Village will also be reviewing the tree species selected and making sure that a diverse tree canopy is accomplished for your particular street. Once the Village has received the completed application, staff will prepare the License Agreement For Use of Village Parkway (PDF) which will need to be executed by the property owner prior to conducting any work within the Village's right-of-way.

Step Number 5

Plant your tree per the nursery's recommended guidelines. Keep all receipts and invoices associated with the purchase of the tree as well as its planting costs. The Village will need copies of this information to process your $100 reimbursement.

Step Number 6

Once your tree has been planted in the proper location, members of the PWD will verify that you have fulfilled the permit requirements and begin the refund process for your newly planted tree.