Carpentersville Fire Department Origins

Carpentersville Railroad Station in 1879Library & Literary Association Funds

One of the Carpenter’s fondest dreams became a reality when in 1871 they formed the Carpentersville Library and Literary Association. They also endowed churches and parks with great deals of money.

Northwestern Railway

One of Angelo Carpenter's last achievements before his death in 1880 was the extension of the Northwestern Railway from Dundee to Carpentersville.

Village Improvements

The 1890’s era, called the gay nineties, was coming to an end and there was progress to be made. Cement replaced gravel for roads and sidewalks. Until the community water supply was installed, no plans for a fire department were in the future.

Makeshift Fire Response

Fires were being fought by residents who dipped buckets in back yard wells. According to certain "Old Timers” fires were also fought by workers at the Illinois Iron and Bolt Company.

They had a bucket brigade and would signal that a fire was in progress with a large gong located at the Illinois Iron and Bolt Company.

Volunteer Fire Department

In October of 1914, an ordinance was created by the village to establish a volunteer fire department. On February 23, 1915, the first meeting of the Carpentersville Fire Department gathered at the Village Hall. The Village Hall was on the northwest corner of Main Street and Grove Street.