Village Clerk

The Village Clerk is appointed by the Village President with the advice and consent of the Board of Trustees and performs duties as required by State Statute and Village Ordinances. 


The Village Clerk is the custodian of the Village seal and keeper of the Village records and is responsible for:

  • Attending Village Board Meetings and recording accurate minutes of the proceedings, maintaining files of all Village Codes and official records, Licenses, Ordinances and Resolutions of the Village
  • Serves as the Liquor Licensing Officer providing assistance to the Liquor Commissioner by maintaining all records and processing new applications and renewals of current licenses
  • Serves as the Local Election Official providing the services of voter registration and election authority
  • Maintaining and processing all business registration and licensing renewals, ensuring that all required fees are paid
  • Providing assistance to all interested and newly registered businesses on the requirements of local, county and state governments
  • Ensuring that all businesses that hold a liquor license are and remain in compliance with the Municipal Code and State Statutes
  • Supports the Development Team of the Village
  • Responsible for filing public notices and various documents with the County Clerk, Treasurer and Recorder
  • Provides assistance and information to Village staff and residents relative to Village records and Municipal Code

Freedom of Information Act

The Clerk also serves as the Freedom of Information Officer for the Village. It is the responsibility of the Freedom of Information Officer to accept, document and process all Freedom of Information requests submitted to the Village. Click here to learn more  about Freedom of Information requests.