Room Reservation (Station 93)

Room reservation is available for a person who is a resident of Carpentersville, Illinois, or an authorized agent of a property management company acting on behalf of a Carpentersville homeowners association or a resident of the Fire District served by the Carpentersville Fire Department. 

Room reservation is available at Fire Station #93 Monday through Friday from 2:30pm - 9:00pm

Applicants must turn in the following to Julie Chalmers at

  1. Application and agreement for the use of the meeting room at Station #93 - Meeting room application
  2. $10 disinfection fee (per meeting) - please write a check to the Village of Carpentersville 
  3. Evidence of general liability insurance

Please note: Village business does take precedence should the need arise. 

Should your meeting be canceled, please notify Julie Chalmers 24hrs prior to the scheduled meeting.