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Village Recognized By IAFSM For Carpenter Creek Bank Stabilization Project

MARCH 17, 2017 – The Village of Carpentersville has received the 2017 Illinois Association of Floodplain and Stormwater Management’s (IAFSM) Sustainability Award for the Carpenter Creek Bank Stabilization Project.

Carpenter Creek is approximately 2.6 miles of perennial stream, located within the Jelkes Creek – Fox River Watershed (JCFRW), with mapped floodplain tributary to the Fox River. Carpenter Creek was observed to have severe stream bank erosion along Brook Street and Sedgewick Street as identified in the Jelkes Creek Fox River Watershed Action Plan. This stretch of creek was also listed in the plan as the number one project that would reduce pollutants such as Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and sediment loading from the water. Additionally, this area of the creek was located in a Zone A floodplain (which requires those living in that floodplain to pay significantly higher flood insurance premiums) with no known base flood elevations (BFE). Village officials recognized that not only should water quality be a key aspect of the project, but that floodplain improvements should also be incorporated in order to protect and remove structures from the existing floodplain.

“We had several residents paying an astronomical fee for flood insurance, who will no longer need to, as this project enabled us to remove over 40 properties from the floodplain,” said Village President Ed Ritter. “Now that the creek has been stabilized and the water levels controlled, they are no longer in the floodplain and thus will no longer need to maintain that additional flood insurance policy once the regulatory process at the state and federal levels has been completed.”

The Sustainability Award recognizes an outstanding project that effectively demonstrates sustainability in either stormwater reuse, water conservation, groundwater recharge, water reclamation, true source control, or green infrastructure. It also must exemplify the three key indicators of sustainability: environmental responsibility, social equity, and economic success.

The Carpenter Creek Bank Stabilization Project was completed as a design-build project with the assistance of HR Green and Applied Ecological Services. Together, the organizations developed an engineering design to improve conveyance and reduce base flood elevations while integrating best management practices to achieve multi-faceted benefits of reducing flood risk. The design-build team also completed a 10-year operation and maintenance plan as part of the project.

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