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Village Board Approves Solid Waste Contract With Republic Services

MAY 3, 2017 – The Carpentersville Board of Trustees voted Tuesday to approve a new five-year contract with Republic Services for solid waste, recycling, and landscape waste collection services.
The new contract, which will go into effect August 1, has an average annual increase of 1.43 percent; which is a substantial savings compared to average annual increases of 2 to 3 percent in surrounding communities. The contract also includes an immediate reduction of 4 percent, or approximately $51,000, for the remainder of 2017.

“This will allow the Village to reallocate savings towards any number of purposes, to include a reduction in the tax levy,” said Senior Management Analyst Jeffrey Monteleone. “This proposal yields an average annual savings of over $236,000, netting the Village an additional $1.1 million, representing over 1.7 percent of the total tax levied by the Village on an annual basis.”

The single-family rate per unit, which covers refuse, yard waste, and recycling, will be reduced from $24.39 to $23.39 per month. Additionally, the condominium rate will be reduced from $6.03 to $5.79 per month. Despite a reduction in overall rates, residents will continue to receive the same services, which are as follows:
  • One (1) 95 gallon contractor-owned trash container and one (1) 65 gallon contractor owned recycling container serviced once per week (single-family units)
  • “Take All” Yard Waste serviced once per week (single-family units)
  • Combination of twenty-five (25) 2 yard and 8 yard commercial containers serviced three times per week (condominiums)
Residents also have the option to rent a container directly from Republic to dispose of yard waste. This container comes at an additional cost, but is not mandatory.

The Village will still continue to receive services for up to five Village-sponsored special events annually and will still be responsible for billing. As part of the new contract, the Village will also get to participate in a new “All In One Office” program, which is an enhanced recycling program for Village offices. The contract will also increase the contract’s security from $500,000 to $750,000, which will cover approximately three months in the event of any loss of service.

Republic Services has been providing exceptional solid waste collection services to Carpentersville residents since 2007, with the most recent contract set to expire July 31.

“Republic knows the community and the dynamics of the program, which allows continued service at a very high level without the need for a new vendor to come in and learn the area,” said Village Manager Mark Rooney. “Maintaining the same vendor prevents the burdensome requirement of changing out each and every waste container in the Village.”


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