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Notice Regarding Village's Waste Hauling Services - Groot Acquisition of Republic Services

As you may be aware, Groot will be providing the Village’s waste hauling services since their acquisition of Republic Services. You should have received the below letter in the mail from Groot, however, that letter was sent in error. The Village will continue to pay Groot directly for your solid waste removal, and your sole payment responsibilities are what the charges on your water bill.

The amount of your water bill reflects only 25% of the total cost. The remaining 75% is paid by the Village from your tax dollars. The only payments that should be made to Groot are for those additional services that residents have available to them as options (e.g. extra containers, yard waste container, special pick-up). We apologize for any confusion.

Please feel free to contact the Village at (847) 551-3476 if you have any questions


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