Statement from President John Skillman Regarding Grocery Deliveries

March 19, 2020

The Village wants to commend all of the grocery stores in Carpentersville for their hard work and dedication during these difficult times. The employees in grocery stores have been working around the clock to keeps stores clean and stocked with food and other essential items. On behalf of the Village of Carpentersville and its residents, I want to say, “Thank You.”

To assist these stores in keeping supplies on the shelves, the Village will not being enforcing normal delivery hours for grocery stores. Current rules prohibit deliveries between 11:00pm and 6:00am for establishments within 200 feet of a residential area. We will be allowing grocery stores to receive shipments 24 hours a day until further notice.

We apologize in advance to any residents who may experience some delivery-related noise, but our primary goal is to assist our stores in keeping their shelves stocked to the fullest extent possible, to ensure our residents have access to food and essential items.

- Village President John Skillman