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Citation Dispute Form

We at the Carpentersville Police Department have the responsibility of enforcing the laws and ordinances of the Village of Carpentersville. We take great pride in serving the community and it is our belief that with the cooperation of the residents and visitors of the village in obeying its laws and ordinances, Carpentersville is and always will be a wonderful place to live, work, and visit.

Occasionally, a resident or visitor to the village may violate those laws and ordinances. Most often enforcement action takes the form of a written citation, and we recognize that occasionally a resident or visitor to the village may not agree with the violation noted in a citation they have received. Therefore, the department has developed a dispute form to provide a means to state a disagreement and present any supporting documentation or evidence to the Police Department Hearing Officer. The hearing officer will examine, research, and review the information and evidence presented and make a determination as to the status of a dispute: either “appeal denied” or “citation voided”. The hearing officer will then notify you in writing as to that disposition. If you are not satisfied with the response received and you have additional information to support your position, you may request a hearing. You may have a hearing scheduled only after you have followed this first step and by returning a copy of the response you received with a request for a hearing. The hearing officer will review your request for a hearing and reply with a date and time for your hearing or a reason that your request for a hearing was denied.

In order to respond to your dispute in a manner that will give you the best and fullest consideration, we ask you to complete the following form and return it to us with any documentation, evidence, and communication that may help you in expressing your position. Documentation and evidence may take the form of receipts, bills of sale, evidence of relocation such as leases, utility bills, or similar items. Photographs will not be accepted as evidence due to the inability to verify that the situation as depicted in the photograph is the exact situation when the citation was issued. If a dispute arises from one of two different village tag violations, consideration must be given to the nature of the violation as noted on the citation and the individual’s situation. Title 10 - Vehicles and Traffic of the Municipal Code addresses the failure to purchase and/or failure to properly display a current village sticker in the windshield of the vehicle. You may be found guilty of one or the other depending on the circumstances. Proof of the purchase of a village sticker will not relieve you of the responsibility of paying the fine if you are cited for “Failure to Display” if that sticker is not in the windshield at the time the citation was issued. Furthermore, lack of knowledge of, or disagreement with a village ordinance or dissatisfaction with how other issues within the village have been handled, are not grounds for relief.

If you believe you have a viable dispute, please complete the following form and return it within 30 days of the issuance of the citation, with any documentation or evidence and the citation to:

Carpentersville Police Department
Ordinance Violation Citation Dispute Form
1200 L.W. Besinger Drive
Carpentersville, Illinois 60110

Dispute forms received later than 30 days after the violation will not be considered.

Citation Dispute Form

Citation Dispute Form - Spanish


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